Tips for New Bloggers on How To Write #Winning Content

If you’re blogging for a business to generate sales leads and/or to build your online presence and thought leadership, here are some practical blog writing tips:

  • To grow your credibility, your grammar and English must be near perfect. Poor writing won’t fly.
  • Keep the blog 350–600 words in length.
  • If you use acronyms, make sure you spell them out the first time you use them.
  • Always use a photo/artwork.

  • Promote every blog post on social media.
  • Establish a presence on Quora as an answerer and include a link to your blog in your profile.
  • Keep your concepts and goals for the blog modest.
  • Use extremely clear language, while also keeping the tone appropriate for your audience.
  • Establish your topic/content in the first three sentences.
  • Only include 1–3 supporting ideas/examples.
  • Always use a sub head and content tags/keywords so readers can find you when searching.
  • Make your URL slugs simple.
  • Use an SEO optimization tool.
  • If you have comments open, beware of spam.
  • Always answer legit comments.
  • Don’t overthink/over edit your writing. Instead, share your knowledge/opinion in a personal way.




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