Whether it's the tagline for your website, a public speech or a blog post, how you communicate matters. The words you use to connect with your audience and to talk about yourself and your business can determine just how successful you can be.

Content creation is Berce Creative's primary service offering. We offer ghost writing services for virtually any medium, as well as copywriting and copyediting. We focus on helping you speak to your audience at the right time and with the right words across multiple mediums and channels. B2B and B2C writing — including press releases, case studies, website content, written Q&As, newsletters and speeches — is where we shine.


Using social media to promote your skills or business can seem like a tough nut to crack. You know you should use social media for your business (or at least that's what everyone tells you), but you may be unsure of what the actual benefits can be. You may also be at a loss of what to post or need someone to manage your social media on an ongoing basis.

We provide you with social media assessments, ongoing account and content management and general advice on how to bring your A-game to the world of hashtags and emojis.


Establish yourself or your business as a leader in your field with our thought leadership article writing services. 

Thought leadership is just what it sounds like: it establishes you as an expert, a leading thinker in your field. If you are a B2B company, establishing yourself as a thought-leader is particularly important. Competition among B2B businesses is fierce, but if you are perceived as an authority within  your field, you’re likely to beat out your competitors. 


If you have a marketing plan but no public relations strategy, you are missing an invaluable opportunity. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the press builds your credibility and prestige. Good PR can also introduce you and your story to audiences that aren’t normally reached through traditional marketing. 

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