How Great Website Content Benefits Your Business

Did you know that what is written on your website directly affects how easy it is for your customers to find you on Google? It is true. That is why you often here the phrase “Content is king” when people talk about Google and getting found in Google search results. Yes, having a great web design, being active on social media and using advertising are all great when it comes to getting potential customers to become your established customers. But the first step is creating killer content.

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Tips for New Bloggers on How To Write #Winning Content

If you’re blogging for a business to generate sales leads and/or to build your online presence and thought leadership, here are some practical blog writing tips:

  • To grow your credibility, your grammar and English must be near perfect. Poor writing won’t fly.
  • Keep the blog 350–600 words in length.
  • If you use acronyms, make sure you spell them out the first time you use them.
  • Always use a photo/artwork.

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