About Berce Creative

Catherine Berce is the owner and lead writer for Berce Creative. Her background includes formal studies in communications, languages, philosophy and linguistics. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Nottingham, England, and currently calls Portland, Maine, her home.

She collaborates with successful technology, environmental, business and media leaders and with artists and entrepreneurs in crafting their public messaging to ensure it is balanced, accurate and effective. Provided writing services include marketing communications, social media content, website content, lectures, speeches, thought leadership articles, statements to the press and other materials as requested.

Catherine is a regular contributor to several online publications whose contents center on culture, politics and philosophy. 

Some selected accolades

“Berce Creative has been a great writing resource, especially with our more industry-specific B2B clients. They are able to dive in to any new topic or vertical space, get up to speed with relative ease and draft solid technical pieces, with limited editing required."

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